Welcome to ATR Sports!  We are a member-based organization that believes that, when utilized correctly, sports and physical training can be amazing vehicles to teach boys to be good men.  Instead of being the focus in our organization, sports is a tool to help build character.  Winning at games is a byproduct of why we do what we do.  We love to win, but even more, we love to see young men who have been in our organization for years become successful, productive and good men.

Our flagship product is called ATR Man-Up – Choose how you grow up.  Man-Up is a twice-monthly training session where we push our bodies and minds to the next level.  We integrate sports training into a character lesson such as how to treat women and wisdom from great leaders in history.  This gives the boys an outlet physically so that they can better take the lessons we teach to heart.

The Locker Room will be regularly updated with character lessons and ideas directed to our fans that are in line with our mission:

At ATR Sports, we are passionate about helping our athletes take the next step in their development to build stronger, more efficient bodies and minds so that they can see what hard work can accomplish.