2017 Rangers Majors Division

Welcome to the 2017 Rangers page. All info will be posted here so it is available whenever needed.

Philosophy and Goal

Our philosophy starts with fostering an environment where the kids love to compete and love to be challenged, but also develop a love to come together to build something great.

Our goal is to inspire each player to want to reach for the next level.

Contact Info

I have very limited contact information for parents. In fact, I don’t even have some of your names. I know you all just gave some of this information registering for West El Paso, but it would save me a lot of time if you would please fill out the form below. Note: Have the kids with you when you fill out the form. There is a spot for them to complete.

If you don’t see a form below, –>Click Here for the Contact Info Form<–

Absentee Form

If you will miss a practice or game, please fill out the form below.

If you don’t see a form below, –>Click Here for the Absentee Form<–


Here are the practice and game schedules combined. I thought that might be easier for parents. Practices in light blue and games in yellow.

I need to check on something before I can update past 7/12 but will let you know ASAP when that happens.

Snack Schedules

Player Expectations

  • Give 100% – That means everything you have. Practice and play knowing you can walk off the field with your head held high.
  • Buy In – Listen to your coaches and act on their guidance, but play for your brothers and sisters on your team.
  • Respect – I give you my word that I, and your other coaches, will give you ours, but we expect the same in return.
  • Yes Sir/Yes Coach – Not because the coaches are better than you, because it acknowledges that you are there to learn and coaches are there to teach.
  • Be Grateful for our Facilities – No trash left on field. We will leave every field we visit looking better than when we found it.
  • Look for Work – Help carry equipment. Help set up when possible. Help clean up.



Play Expectations

I am a believer in building and challenging each athlete to grow, but I will not put anybody in a position unless I feel they are ready. I will do my best to do the right thing for the team and for the player. As a general rule, we try to have less experienced players will play more when we are up and more experienced players will play when we are down. This puts each player in an environment for optimal growth.


Rules can be found (on the West El Paso League website) by clicking –>here<–

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