2018 Diamondbacks Minor Blue Team


Our first game is this Tuesday and we coaches are very much looking forward to seeing the team test their progress!

  • 30 Minutes Early – Please be at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled game time for warm-up.
  • Play Expectations – We have 13 kids, and as with every team, each of the players has their most and least desired positions. With counsel from our amazing coaching staff, as closely as I am able, I will assign players positions that stretch them, but don’t break them. As the season progresses, we will solidify positions, but at first, players will rotate through as many positions as possible for which we feel they are ready.
  • Let Coaches Coach – Cheer, and by all means, cheer loudly, but please do not coach. It overwhelms the kids. Even as coaches, we will make a concerted effort to coach as little as possible to help, but not overwhelm and to assist, but not stifle. It’s a difficult balance to hit. Multiple voices coming from multiple directions offering well-meaning advice creates a chaotic environment where learning is made more difficult.
  • 24 Hour Rule – The 24 Hour Rule is in place. If you are upset with me or one of our other coaches for some reason, give it 24 hours. If you still want to talk after 24 hours, I will be happy to oblige.

Field Rental

I am in contact with Parks and Rec and just need to clarify one more thing before we solidify the rental contract. I will let you all know as soon as possible how much it will be. Rental will begin this Thursday.


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