2019 Minor Blue Diamondbacks

Welcome to the 2019 Minor Blue Diamondbacks! It’s going to be a great season. For convenience, I left the Absence Form on top, but please see below for more information.

Game and Practice Schedule



  • 30 Minutes Early – Please be at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled game time for warm-up.
  • Play Expectations – We have 13 kids, and as with every team, each of the players has their most and least desired positions.
    • With counsel from our amazing coaching staff, as closely as I am able, I will assign players positions that stretch them, but don’t break them, while balancing what is right for the team as a whole.
    • As the season progresses, players will begin to own a position, or maybe a few positions depending on what is right for the team.
    • My goal for the players:
      • “Jack of All Trades, Master of One”
      • Be ready to expand knowledge next year
  • Let Coaches Coach – Please don’t coach from the stands/sidelines.
    • Kids get confused and overwhelmed when there are too many people telling them what to do, and sometimes we coaches stay silent on purpose.
    • Sometimes a bit of silence to work things out without outside influence exactly what the kids need to take the next step in their development.
    • Please cheer, and cheer loudly but let the coaches coach.
    • If you would like to be an assistant coach, I would love to have you, but now is the time to let me know.
  • 24 Hour Rule – The 24 Hour Rule is in place. If you are upset with me or one of our other coaches for some reason, give it 24 hours. If you still want to talk after 24 hours, I will be happy to oblige.


If you plan to do anything more than a high-five and a “good job” with the kids, you must have a background check completed.

Please visit the Academy Little League site then:

  1. Click “Register”
  2. Confirm Email
  3. Login
  4. Click Volunteer and follow directions. The process is not very intuitive, so if you have trouble, let me know.

I have had a couple of parents confirm that they would like to assistant coach and a few more that mentioned the possibility. When in doubt, fill it out. (how am I not published?)

Team Facebook Group

Our team mom, Kristin, has created a Facebook Group for the team. If you haven’t received your invitation, please let us know.

Player Expectations

Here is what your coaches expect of players:

  • Give 100% – That means give everything you have to whatever we do together.
    • Practice and play in a way that you know you can walk off the field with your head held high.
  • Buy In – We are building something bigger than ourselves.
    • Listen to your coaches
    • Act on their guidance
    • Play for your teammates
  • Respect – Respect is earned, not given.
    • Seek to earn Respect through your actions.
    • Courtesy – I give you my word that I, and your other coaches, will give you our courtesy, and we expect the same in return.
    • Disrespect – Zero tolerance for disrespect toward
      • Coaches
      • Teammates
      • Umpires
      • Opposing teams
      • Parents
  • Be On Time – It’s very important that you learn early in life to do everything in your power to be on time.
    • One Up-Down for every minute you’re late to a maximum of 10
    • If being on time is completely out of your control:
      • If you are
        • Running on the field
        • With a good attitude and
        • Can tell me how you helped your parents be on time
        • If I am satisfied with your answer, up-downs will be forgiven
  • Yes Sir/Yes Coach – When addressing coaches, it’s “Yes Sir” or “Yes Coach”
    • Not because the coaches are better than you,
    • Because it acknowledges that you know that
      • You are there to learn and
      • Coaches are there to teach
  • Be Grateful – We have so much to be grateful for this season. Please keep that in the front of your mind.
    • For our Facilities – No trash left on field. We will leave every field we visit looking better than when we found it.
    • For the people who are willingly giving you their time. That includes
      • Coaches – After every practice
        • Find your coaches
        • Give them eye contact
        • Shake their hands
        • Say thank you
      • Team Parents
      • Your Parents!
  • Look for Work – How can you make things just a little bit better around you?
    • Think about others before self.
    • Look around you. What can you do to help?
      • Help carry equipment.
      • Help set up when possible.
      • Help clean up.
  • Merits – Merits are like money you can earn for showing progress in things like:
    • Leadership
    • Respect
    • Maturity
    • Skill Improvement
    • With merits, you can purchase things at ATR events
      • ATR Gear
      • Concessions