New Audio for Follow Through

Hello ATR families, this is Coach Dustin. I hope you all had a fantastic Spring Break! We are trying something new this week with Follow-Through. Parents communicate often that they really like that ATR provides conversation starters between parent and child in Man and Woman-Up, and as that is absolutely one of our goals… mission accomplished! However, we’d like to …

Check Email for Homework

Hey guys, if you’re here looking for the homework, check your email. We’re trying different ways to do the homework to see what works the best. If you did not get the email, please let me know.


We started our unit about business today. 1. List as many types of businesses as you can, for example, retail sales is a type of business. 2. List as many businesses as you can that you have seen kids do, for example, mowing lawns.

Respect for Self

At Man-Up last week, we talked about Respect for Self. In what ways can you show respect to yourself? We talked about not truly being able to respect others if we don’t first respect ourselves. Why do you think that is so? Take your time and think this one through, this question has more than one correct answer.

Respect for Peers

At today’s Man-Up we talked about respecting others. Why is it important to to respect your teammates? As long as they aren’t hurting someone, should you respect someone with whom you don’t necessarily agree? Why?  

Respect of Authority

We have started our unit on Respect and today we spoke about respecting authority. Give us examples of when you have and have not respected authority. What happened? Is it OK to challenge an authority figure? How do you do that?

Aware, Available, then we take Action

We have discussed being aware and available. Now it’s time to take action. What did you guys think of that we could do as an organization to help out those in need?

Who is in Need?

Our guest speaker today was Coach Rich Griffith. Rich is one of my mentors, former professional football player, and most important, a phenomenal example for our boys of what a man should be. Coach talked about the three A’s in relation to helping those in need. What was the first one? Look around you in the next couple of weeks …

Is Chivalry Dead?

Some people argue that in today’s society Chivalry doesn’t exist anymore. They say that, “Chivalry is Dead.” What do you think? Pay attention to boys and men around you this week and tell us when you see someone honoring or respecting women.