Round Robin – Panthers, Bombers and Beast

Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to ATR Sports! Please find below information on our Round Robin on December 19th. We worked out the numbers to ensure maximum playtime, but that also means very little downtime. Please make sure you are on time!

Please scroll to the bottom for registration.


  • Games will consist of two 14-Minute Halves
  • Running Clock
  • 1 Minute Half-Time
  • Two 1-Minute Timeouts per Game
  • No Press if over 20 Points Ahead
  • No overtime


  • 6:00 – Gym Open
  • 6:05 – Panthers vs. Bombers
  • 6:38 – Rotate Teams
  • 6:43 – Panthers vs. Beast
  • 7:16 – Rotate Teams
  • 7:21 – Bombers vs. Beast
  • 7:54 – End Games, Wrap Up and Head Out
  • 8:00 – Out of the School at 8:00 sharp.


  • Absolutely nobody in any part of the school other than the gymnasium unless it is to go to the restroom. Maintaining a good relationship with the school is very important to us, and respecting their boundaries is the best way to do that.
  • Odd team out during each game has access to the extra half-court for coaching. Please make sure balls don’t go onto the court where the other two teams are playing.
  • ONLY the Coach with his Team out may on the extra half-court. No adults and/or kids shooting around. The more we allow on the third court, the higher the danger of a ball rolling into a game (and the divider to that third court is broken, so we can’t put it down.)

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