New Audio for Follow Through

Hello ATR families, this is Coach Dustin. I hope you all had a fantastic Spring Break! We are trying something new this week with Follow-Through. Parents communicate often that they really like that ATR provides conversation starters between parent and child in Man and Woman-Up, and as that is absolutely one of our goals… mission accomplished! However, we’d like to take that concept even further.

This week, a daily audio clip (maybe video down the road) that is no more than 30 seconds or a minute will be sent before the day starts challenging the kids on concepts that they learned at MW-Up. The idea is that kids play the audio at a time in the day where a parent has a minute or two of downtime with the kids, be that at breakfast, on the drive to school, on the way to soccer practice or whenever makes sense for your family. Preferably a standard time in the day so that this communication becomes habit.

Note that this is not meant to be a 10, or even a 5 minute conversation. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. It is simply meant to be a quick conversation between parents and their kids. No form or reply necessary, for this Follow-Through there are two goals:

  1. To encourage communication between parents and kids
  2. To keep the lessons we teach fresh on their minds through the week

Your experience is everything to us. Feedback from this Follow-Through would be greatly appreciated! Once again, I hope you all had a great Spring Break!